Dalin mehr


Dalin Mehr Company was established in 2007 as the first SBU of GIG which works in the food sector. It started producing of cookies and cakes in 2009 by using the updated Italian technology and nominal capacity of producing 30 tons of cupcake and muffin a day. By using a high-tech laboratory, Dalin Mehr is trying, permanently, to improve the quality of its product regarding to consumer taste.


The leader of market in the neighbor markets and admirable presence in international markets


Dalin Mehr produces a diverse and high-quality basket of food products focusing on increasing the happiness and health level of the society. Relying on talented, creative and competence human capital, we focus on the sustainable development. Considering the social responsibility and welfare, we attempt to develop the whole society. Furthermore, the competitors are our partner.

Year of establishment: 2007                                Year of production: 2008       Number of employees: 130

Products: Cupcake, Muffin

Brands: Bingo, Renex, Bingo+

Certification and Awards:

Selected as the best R&D in the food sector: 2013

Gold statue of quality: 2010

Factory: Maryam alley, Karafrinan Blvd., Nazarabad Industrial Complex, Karaj, Iran.

Headquarter: NO. 29, Second Alley, Pakistan St., Beheshti St., Tehran, Iran.

CEO: Mr. M. Karimi

Marketing Manager: Mr. M. Zaali

Tel: +982188520771

Website: www.dalinmehr.com


About Us

Tosehe Ofoghe Payandeh (TOP) was established in 2013 aiming to export and sell international Golrang Industrial group's (GIG) products. At the moment, TOP has five branchs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Belarus and Turkey. Also TOP is selling GIG’s products in more than 30 country. TOP intends to establish distribution companies and trading offices in other countries in order to develop international markets.